2017 the perfect predecessor to 2018

2017 was a time when I tried to love the world by hating what Jesus had changed in my life.


Is there a Jonah in you too?

"Cauliflower, Sweet and Sour, Half an Hour, Veggie Tales"  This song bounced around my head as I flipped my Bible open to Jonah.  I remember watching the short video a couple years back with a friend and laughing at the ridiculousness of the story.  It was a story that has been engrained into my being.... Continue Reading →

The love behind jealousy

How could a loving God allow his "daughter" to experience abuse? How could a loving God let a young girl fall enslaved a sex addiction? How could a loving God let her feel so much rejection?

Redemption found through Rejection

There is a deep seeded pain that comes from moments of rejection.  A pain that aches and tears at your insides.  It makes your stomach flop around as you try to remind yourself that you aren't rejected.  While some may not want anything to do with you, there are others that care deeply about you.... Continue Reading →

Past-please don’t visit again

Recently I have used the phrase "run the race I have set for you" as my motivations for working out.  It has helped me push through my aching body and my tight muscles.  That phrase has encouraged me and given me purpose.  But over the weekend that phrase was attacked by the memories of my... Continue Reading →

To Run or Not to Run

I don't ever want to post and make it seem as though I am "holier than thou". I literally write about this stuff because when people read it, it keeps me accountable.  When I share it gives me the strength to push through.  This journey was not one that I was meant to keep silent.  So I'm sharing it so that others can know that they are not alone.  

Fighting through the journey

This morning at the ungodly hour of 4:45am, Justin and I had a heated discussion.  Now every married person knows that is code for "we had a fight but we aren't going to call it that, because we are Christians and Christians don't fight." What a way to start your morning? Well in all reality... Continue Reading →

I must persevere

Have you ever had one of those work outs where if you did one more squat, or one more curl, or one more lap you would collapse in a heap of your own sweat and just die? Today's gym session was just like this.  As I bent my knees for the last set of squats,... Continue Reading →

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